"Francigena Marathon" 42.195km The first marathon on the Via Francigena in Italy, following the route that "Sigeric" took, to be undertaken as an exclusively walking event. 31th May 2020

The European Francigena Marathon is organised by the Department of Sport, Tourism and Culture of  Acquapendente Municipal Council, with the support of the Viterbo branch of Club Alpino Italiano and the Viterbo Provincial Order of the State Forestry Corps and in conjunction with the Municipalities of San Lorenzo Nuovo, Bolsena and Montefiascone , and is sponsored by the European Via Francigena Associations; the aim of the marathon is to raise awareness of some of the most beautiful and enchanting stretches of the Via Francigena in Lazio, following the ancient route that "Sigeric" took.

The event is being promoted nationally and internationally to highlight an area that is rich in the natural and artistic beauty that typifies the historical, cultural and environmental heritage of the municipalities that the route passes through. Departing from Acquapendente, a town on the border between Umbria and Tuscany, the route starts out from Piazza del Comune (the town hall square), passes through some of the most picturesque parts of the city and skirts the Basilica of the Holy Sepulchre, where the shrine of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem, one of the most important examples in Europe, is located in the crypt; it then follows the itinerary set by the Ministry and the Viterbo CAI, continuing along country lanes to the town of San Lorenzo Nuovo for the first interim arrival (11.3km). It then proceeds along on the volcanic ridge that leads to Bolsena, where the second interim arrival is planned (23.5km) near the Basilica of Santa Cristina. The more arduous section of the route now commences, taking us from the Turona nature reserve to the top of Montefiascone (42.195km) up typical narrow countryside tracks and arriving in this historic town 100km from the tomb of Peter, where you can admire the Monument and Tower dedicated to the pilgrim in the Rocca dei Papi (Fortress of the Popes).

This will be a demanding walk that will call upon the stamina and willpower of participants who have set themselves the challenge, within the overall context of promoting an ancient road, which will doubtless be attempted by thousands of pilgrims in years to come.

The event falls within the sphere of mobile recreational exercise for leisure and is expressly a "non-competitive activity". There are three possible departure points: Acquapendente, San Lorenzo Nuovo and Bolsena, and there are six different routes to choose from.

For organisational purposes each participant will be asked to choose which section of the route they wish to follow at the time of registration. The route will be fully supervised in conjunction with local associations and the local authorities of the towns the route passes through, with support from the Viterbo provincial order of the State Forestry Corps.

The event will be sponsored by the European Via Francigena Associations.
The event is validated and insured by FIASP (Italian Federation of Popular Amateur Sports). 
Medical assistance will be provided along the route by the local branch of the Italian Red Cross in Acquapendente.