The etymology of the name is uncertain but it seems to derive from "fiascone” a large wine container in honour of the rich wine production in the area. 

The roots of the town go back a long way. Communal tombs, presumably Neolithic dated around 18008.C., which were hewn into the rock at Rinaldone predate even the Etruscan civilization. The development of Montefiascone, like its history, was strongly linked to the Cassia which played an important role in all ages connecting Rome to central Italy, the Padana Plain and on to France (which gave it its name the Francigena). Given its strategic position, the Popes and Bishops of Rome had the centre fortified so that those of the surrounding area could defend themselves from frequent barbarous attacks.

The town walls were endowed with an imposing fortress in the second half of the thirteenth century but during the Renaissance military needs made many modifications necessary to the original structure. 

Some of these were carried out by Antonio da Sangallo the Younger, who also designed a convent in the area of Monte d'Oro which was never completed (the plans can be found in the Uffizi in Florence). Many Popes were involved in the continued fortifications over the following centuries.

Pope Leo X loved to spend the summer in Montefiascone often inviting illustrious guests such as Michelangelo.

The Papal Fortress which has been well restored and beautified, is today often used for cultural events.

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List 3 star hotel Montefiascone
Name Address Phone website
Hotel Altavilla Via Dante Alighieri, 16/C 0761/826414
Hotel Dante Via Nazionale, 2 0761/826015
Hotel Il Caminetto Resort S.S. Cassia, km 102 0761/825783
Hotel Italia e Lombardi Piazzale Roma, 9/11 0761/831091
Hotel la Carrozza d’Oro Lungolago di Montefiascone, 95 0761/823157
Hotel Residence la Commenda Via Commenda, 72 0761/820049
Hotel Urbano V Corso Cavour, 107 0761/831094
List 2 star hotel Montefiascone
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Hotel Rondinella S.S. Cassia, km 99,800 0761/824995 -
Residence Rondinella S.S. Cassia, km 99,750 0761/826162 -
List Farmhouses Montefiascone
Name Address Phone website
Bella Cima Via Mosse, 369 (fraz. Mosse) 0761/826591
Bel Tramonto Lungolago di Montefiascone, 97 329/6417973 -
Borgo Campanile Via Paternocchio, 210 (fraz. Paternocchio) 349/7528501
Casone Via 8 Marzo (loc. Casone) 0761/825043
C'era una Volta Strada Commenda, 107 392/6151197 -
Cipollone Via Cipollone, 103/107 (fraz. Cipollone) 0761/823150
Colle di Montisola Strada Cassia Nord, km 96,150 0761/825717
Da Nonna Iolanda Loc. Pian di Cecchetto 0761/826637 -
Fonte del Gisto Loc. Budrione 335/6106439 -
Le Rondini Azzure Loc. Budrione 346/5806699 -
Monterotondo Lungolago di Montefiascone, snc 0761/826834 -
Poggio della Capanna Strada Commenda, km 9,600 349/6470596
Poggio di Montedoro Loc. Montedoro 0761/826525
Rosy Località Commenda, snc 0761/826244
Lo Specchio del Lago Loc. Mentuccia 0761/825166
Tenuta Serpepe Strada Dogana, 8 340/8116009
Valle Alta Loc. Valle Alta 0761/823517
List B&B Montefiascone
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Faleri Via Quarto, 21 0761/823722
I Tulipani Olandesi Via Giglio Vecchio, 66 333/2930791
Alla Fonte Via Cipollone, 64 349/3361547
Cassia Antica Via Paoletti, 12 349/3408642 -
L'Amicizia Via Cassia, 100 0761/820601 -
List houses Religious Montefiascone
Name Address Phone website
Monaster S. Pietro Via Garibaldi, 31 0761/826066
C. A. Francescana Raggio Di Sole Via San Francesco, 1 (fraz. Mosse) 347/5900953 -
OASI REGINA PACIS Via del Carpine, 52 0761/823956 -
Istituto Divino Amore Corso Cavour, 64 0761/826089 -
Parrocchia Corpus Domini S.S. Cassia, km 100 (fraz. Coste) 0761/826567 -
House list Montefiascone
Name Address Phone website
Il Postiglione Via Casali, 3 0761/1762538 -
La Bertina Via Bertina, 9 339/6677336
Palazzo Frigo Piazza Vittorio Emanuele, 2 327/6755877
List Holiday Houses Montefiascone
Name Address Phone website
Fattoria Capobianco Via Capobianco, 94 0761/826816
Casina Pian di Monetto S.S. Cassia, km 94,250 347/2368138